Employment Opportunities 




To apply for these positions please email resume along with contact information to [email protected].  There are some intern positions available although they are not posted.  Please ask or email resume or interest.   
  1. Program Support Assistant
    Assist in show recruitment, program direction, scheduling programs, uploading shows, and creating marketing plan to increase viewer listenership. The perfect candidate will have a competent amount of knowledge of radio/music content. Reports to GM or PD
  2. Associate Producers
    Starting $8.50 p/h or higher (depending on experience)- Duties- assist producing programs, engineering, and audiovisual equipment. Assist in direction and production, daily functions of broadcast and production, schedule deadlines, write/edit programs, scripts, and news stories, research potential stories and guests, conduct interviews, and schedule radio appearances, Design, schedule, produce, and monitor live or pre-recorded radio shows.
  3. Radio Show Talk/Host
    Prepare and deliver content for radio audiences while managing guests and call-ins. Book and interview content-relevant guests. Select and develop content based on audience preferences, public requests, and program focus. Reports to General Manager or Program Director
  4. Intern
    Helps production, give create input, promote station, executive creative duties. answers phones, reports to the Manager or Program Director
  5. Sales Rep
    develops new prospects and interacts with existing customers to increase sales. Works with customers to find what they want, create solutions and ensure a smooth sales process.
  6. Marketing and Social Media Rep
    Imagine and create web post that nurture community interaction and conversation. Manage marketing efforts across social media platforms. Work with marketing and other departments to develop brand and message. Analyze performance metrics to increase productivity of posts.