About Breakin Bread

Breakin' Bread Tuesday @ 7pm on wggfradio.com
hosted by Dr. Weech
Breakin' Bread with host Doctor Weech
Breakin' Bread is deals with all things biblical, religious, spiritual, wellness, and wholeness.  Dr. Weech uses biblical principles and articulates them in a relevant fashion today . 

He is thorough in apologetics and allows listeners to call in and ask questions without fielding allowing listeners full freedom to ask any question.  Dr. Weech believes in the power of meditation and prayer and offers listeners to participate in this activity during the course of the show.  

Breakin' Bread is a one hour show and the program concentrates on wellness of spirit, soul, mind, and body.  Dr. Weech believes in a holistic approach to wellness with all of the aforementioned ingredients needed to complete this task.  

You can tune in to Breakin' Bread on Tuesday @ 7pm on wggfradio.com.  You can watch the program live on YouTube when available.  Fore more information you can email [email protected] or call 321-345-WGGF (9443).  
Click to hear podcast for 8/27/2019
teaching on Mental Health.

Breakin' Bread Mental Health P1 

  1. Mental Health P1
    Part 1 of 2 part teaching dealing with mental health.
  2. Social Commentary
    Descriptive video of social events
  3. Their Truth Was A Lie Trailer
    Documentary movie directed by Dr. Weech